getting to know me

disabled veteran, milspouse, mother, farmer, photographer and so much more...

Who is Tara

A mother to three amazing and wildly unique children, I’m also a disabled Air Force veteran, a milspouse, a farmer and so much more. Photography started as a hobby to capture the many moments in my life that I wanted to remember. It quickly became so much more. In 2010 I quit my “formal” job to start my own photography business. I am honored to have had my work shared in numerous countries, countless publications, titled, and award-winning both nationally and internationally. I also have my work displayed in headquarters, museums, and even the Pentagon!

When I’m not supporting our US Military and the amazing families within the branches, I have a deep passion for studio portraits.  I love capturing beautiful portraits of newborn babies and all the innocence and life within them. When I’m not holding a camera in my hand, I am at home on our homestead raising a variety of farm animals.


Amazing sponsors like Bay Photo and Spyder Holster, have helped me take my business to another level! I am honored to have the support of some amazing companies and individuals within my organization. Absolutely, I could not be the photographer I am today without the support of my lens company, Tamron. They have supported me generously, and tenaciously over the years. You can learn more about our ongoing relationship in my stories here on my website. I hope you find the time to read more about this amazing company.

I hope you enjoy your visit here on the web with me, and I look forward to working with you in the near future!


A great photographer isn’t a one lady show, she has a great deal of help and support to get her where she is. This is my tribe, from my sponsors to my preferred vendors, these amazing people deserve every bit of praise I can give them. If you have a few minutes today go visit their facebook/website or other social media pages. You won’t regret it.

Below are some of the amazing organizations and companies that I have been honored to work with.