I wonder sometimes how a perspective client chooses the photographer that they are going to be working with. From engagement sessions, to their wedding and then onto their first maternity session. Moving into the intimate birth story session and then into the precious moments of a newborn session … how do they choose?

Our Webster dictionary defines trust as the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. When choosing a photographer I hope that clients are going above and beyond just a “good price”.  Many times I see on Facebook and other local social media outlets, comments being made along the lines of “looking for someone who can take a few cheap photos of my baby, or my family”. No one ever asks for a trustworthy photographer. No one ever asks for the photographer with the most elite memberships, training or experience.

My husband is in the process of having his entire arm tattooed into a sleeve like tattoo. Let me tell you something, when we were looking into someone to work on his arm we looked for someone who other individuals trusted. This photo or artwork will be forever on his arm. I can’t even imagine going to the cheapest person we could find. We needed someone with experience, with a portfolio, with recommendations and testimonials. Your family portraits should be the same way. Having someone capture every special moment for you and your family and for your grandchildren to come should be someone that you can trust.

When working with me, I want my clients to trust me. Trust that I see things in the most artful way possible. What might look like an El Paso desert might just look like a desert oasis in my eyes. Trust that I have education to take the best portraits for you and your family. Trust that I have acquired many elite memberships that are very sought out after and that I have went above and beyond to prove that I am worthy of them.

I am learning that art takes more than just a price tag … and I hope that you will begin to consider more than just the money when you are looking to have those precious memories captured.

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