When is the last time you and your family took family portraits? What images come to mind and what settings do you see when you imagine a formal family portrait? I bet you see Mom & Dad surrounded by the little ones and everyone is smiling and having a great time right?

What if you took a moment and just did portraits as a couple, just Mom & Dad? I bet you didn’t see that one coming right? Remember that at the end of every day, your family is a family because you and your loved one fell in love. The reason you’re a family is simply just the two of you…

So why not celebrate that with a special family portrait session with just you two? I enjoy the quiet, the happy moments, the love when couples look at each other. When it’s just adults, it’s even a great time to pull out the cold brews that you’ve grown to enjoy together.

Let’s schedule your couple’s family session today!! You won’t regret it, especially when images like these are hanging in your home!

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