Let's take your business up a notch

Training, Discounts, Deals, Competition guidance or maybe just a shoulder to lean on … I can help you along the way.Owning your own business can be a scary, demanding and challenging adventure and it makes it easier if you have someone to help you through it all. From workshops to online mentoring and some amazing discounts and deals thrown in, I can do just that for you.

Upcoming Workshops

International & National level workshops to help photographers across the globe expand their own knowledge and portfolio. Can’t find one near you, we’ll schedule one!

Individual Mentoring

One-on-one instruction customized to assist and teach you in order to expand your personal, business and professional goals. 

Community Support

A drama free support group of both photographers like yourselves and some of the top vendors and photographers in our community.

Sponsors & Vendors

I could never have made it this far without the support of my sponsors and the amazing vendors. Come learn more and maybe even get a few discounts.

A little more about me


Disabled Veteran Business

I served in the United States Air Force and am a disabled veteran. I am also a military spouse, and my son will be joining the military after college.

Washington DC Capitol dome detail with waving american flag

Professional Background

Before owning my own business I worked as a government contractor, and spent time at the State Department in Washington, DC. 


Internationally Award Winning

Competition to me is very important, since it challenges you to become a better photographer. I’m proud of my numerous awards to date.

Red barn and tractor on a farm with the sun rising over the horizon

Down to Earth Gal

Sometimes it’s good to sit with a real down to earth person that has been through both the good and the bad times and is willing to share.