I love working with the Gold Hope Project. We provide portrait sessions for families that are dealing with cancer. These sessions are so valuable and I love every single minute of them. Freddie’s session was no different and he brought his fun-loving parents and two adorable sisters!

Freddie is so happy, even though he might not be feeling 100% at the time of the session. You can follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/teamreadyfreddiego/. It’s worth it! I promise. The best part is watching him dance. He LOVES music.

I have to send out a very very big thank you to Pitter-Pats Creations for making the gold superhero cape in time for Freddie to wear during our session. Gold is very important during a gold hope session and this made it perfect!!!

You can visit the Gold Hope Project website at http://goldhopeproject.com/ .

Our mission at The Gold Hope Project is simple in our calling to bring awareness to childhood cancer through photography. While we wish the phrase, “Your child has cancer.” didn’t exist, the sad fact is approximately 13,500 parents sit across from doctors and hear that each year.

This news will cause much emotional turmoil for the families hearing it, and the financial burden that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is nearly as debilitating.

The last thing most parents can afford when the medical bills are piling up is a photo session. We know firsthand how much the beautiful documentation of their fight means to them as they see their strength and bravery through the images captured during their photo session.

Unimaginably, for some families, a Gold Hope photo session is the last professional photo session their child will have. The photos they receive allow them to always hold on to moments that might have otherwise slipped away.  You can help by donating at http://goldhopeproject.com/giving-tuesday/ .

If you visit Freddie’s Facebook page, tell him I sent you!

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