It’s only been a few weeks since we lost a few of our great soldiers here at Fort Stewart. This one hit as close to home as it’s ever gotten since the soldiers were in my husband’s unit and surviving loss is never easy. You learn real quick what “military family” means during these types of trying times. I know being a military spouse in this situation I questioned many things and I felt fear deep down that I didn’t even know existed. These things happen on the news right … but never here at home.

So you can imagine just how surprised I was when Mrs. Walker reached out to me asking to do this photo session together. Of course, I couldn’t say no and we met on a cold day at Fort Stewart. I will have to say that Taylor surprised me from the very beginning, she is stronger and braver than I could ever have been just days after losing her soldier.

There were smiles and laughter and stories shared and fun images of Cole. I found out that they were both younger than my oldest child…. drink that in for a minute, this could have been more than just my husband … it could have been my child.

Taylor … The most meaningful moment is when you put your ball gown on, the one he never saw you wear. I just can’t wrap my head around how unfair that seems … it makes me want to throw a ball just so that you can dance the night away in that gown. You are SO beautiful in it!!!!

I hope that these images show the love, the joy that their relationship was… Taylor, you will always be Cole’s wife. Your bravery is inspirational and I am beyond honored to have been able to help you along your journey. You will forever have a military family here to support you and like I told you during our session, you will always have a seat at my dinner table if you just need a home-cooked meal.

Surviving loss is never easy. If you or anyone you know needs help, please refer them to TAPS at . Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors helps military families as they work their way through a loss such as this.

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