Is it time to update your family portrait? I wish I had a dollar for every time a mother told me it’s been ‘years’ since they had family photos done. I recommend having a family portrait captured every single year. Those babies you have at home grow up too fast. Before you know it they will be too big for photos, not available, not around, or even married with children of their own. They grow so fast, those shoes that you just purchased won’t fit their feet anymore, or those brand new pair of pants won’t button.

This family today was soo much fun to work with, even though it was a challenge to get Baby to look at me and smile.. but I did it! What a success and look at those cute little teeth shining through! His smile was contagious and I’m pretty sure his parents couldn’t love him any more. AND his matching shirt with Dad!! Perfect. Mom was simply breathtaking and I’m in love with her hat… which says a lot since I’m not a hat person! lol

So when are we scheduling your family session? I will be offering outdoor session until the 2nd week of March in Georgia and will be starting outdoor sessions in El Paso starting the 3rd week of April. I’m so excited to help capture new and wonderful portraits for all of you!

Schedule your session today!

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