Starting out in this industry was a challenge. You see amazing work all around you and the more you dive into the industry the more you see amazing work where ever you go. The pressure to be the best is real and the struggle to get to high levels that we set for ourselves is tough. But never give up. If photography is your passion, like it is mine then keep striving to improve. I personally do not strive to “be the best” because I feel that there will always be room to improve work, to edit a little more, to impress at a higher level. SO I work to improve myself. My techniques, both in the studio, behind the camera and in post production.

As I sat down to finish editing a current newborn session I realized that we had used an old prop that I have had since I started and I thought wow… I’ve come so far! SO I figured I would share. Here is a before and after. A photo from the end of 2013 and a photo from a few days ago…. same prop.


I can’t believe just how far I’ve come. From color, exposure, composition and everything else in between. And how did this happen? I didn’t give up. There were times where I felt like I needed to or should have. Days where I’ve felt defeated or not good enough or not as good as another photographer. But I still kept going, kept learning… and I feel like it’s finally paying off.

To take it one step further, let me share one more item with you. Here is the before and after of the photo you see above on the right. I have learned so much about post production and editing. I’ve learned how to tweak a photo to make it look as amazing and I want it. And I’m so very proud of myself. Am I close to where I want to be? No… I’ll never be done. There is so much more to learn and explore … and I’ll continue my journey. Because around here, we don’t give up. 🙂


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