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Newborn Prep

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I am honored that you are interested in capturing your newborn portraits with my studio. I started my business in 2010 and have since found a deep love of working with newborns. From posing to customizing your session for you and your family, I put 110% into every session.

My studio comes fully stocked and equipped for these sessions. Clothing, props, baskets, even airplanes and batmobiles are in the studio for your portraits. The only thing you need to bring is your little one, food, and the patience to watch the magic happen. This guide will walk you through all of the details. And like always if you have any questions or concerns after reading through this or anytime during our moments together, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss this with me.

Trusting a photographer with your precious addition should be almost as important as the ob-gyn you choose to help you deliver your newborn into this world. I understand that and have to take constant measures to make sure that I provide the best service possible. I am licensed to work in the state of Georgia, and I carry insurance as well as being certified in newborn safety through Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International. Have you ever seen a newborn portrait that makes you question the safety of the baby involved? Many of those are composites, 2 or 3 images edited to make look like 1 portrait. Photoshop is used for those photos and I never place a newborn in harm’s way and will use the aide of you, Mom or Dad, to make sure we pose properly and take as many images needed for a proper final image.

I also compete with my work on a National and International level, winning numerous awards. My work has also been published across the globe and in countless publications. Any portrait is a possible award-winning portrait and I am always working to improve my portraiture.


Before we schedule a session we meet for a consultation. This gives you the chance to visit my studio, look at props and discuss ideas to customize your portrait session. We also go through products such as my Italian Folio Boxes and Albums. Finally, we discuss pricing, payment options and any final questions you might have.

The day of your session all you need to do is bring your little one(s) and any personal items you would like for your portrait session with you. I love having you wait until you get to the studio to feed your little one. This helps create a sleepy and cozy baby for portraits.


The studio is kept at a nice warm 80 degrees, so clothing layers for you is recommended. Nothing is set in stone ahead of time, and changes can happen as the session moves along, I am flexible, and I ask that you be that way as well. I follow the cues from your baby, and we move accordingly.


I have been told by other past clients that their little ones take amazing naps after the session. Even though your baby will sleep during their session, it is not a deep sleep so you might find that they are ready for a good nap when we are finished. It is normal, and nothing to be alarmed over.

I always put up a sneak peek on my Facebook page at within 24-48 hours after our session. Grandparents and other family members love being able to see this, so feel free to tag them or share on your own personal pages or other social media outlets! If you do, please don’t forget to tag Tara Ruby Photography! Check-ins and referrals are also welcomed and may earn you rewards and discounts!


  • If you are bottle-feeding your little one, please bring formula for at least 2 bottles. If breastfeeding, feel free to feed in the studio at any time.
  • The studio is warm, usually around 80 degrees. Feel free to wear layers of clothing to help yourself stay comfortable
  • Feel free to bring any item you would like to have in your newborn portraits, such as Dad’s uniform or Grandpa’s teddy bear.
  • Feel free to speak up, whenever or for whatever reason, you will not hurt my feelings. This is YOUR session.Be prepared to be in the studio for 2.5/3 hours.
  • Feel free to bring snacks and drinks for you, dad and any siblings that might come with you
  • Before the day of your session, make sure to accept your quote, sign your contract and pay your invoice. These must be done before we can capture your newborn portraits
  • Feel free to bring Grandma or Grandpa and any siblings that baby might have. We love having them in the studio as well as in front of the camera.


On the day of your little one’s session feel free to let baby wear something comfortable and easy to get baby out of. Try to avoid anything that is too tight that might leave lines on their skin. Lines make for a long editing session after.

Remember that during your session, your baby will most likely be without clothes. Material wraps and other clothing are washed before each session in the studio. Thee are used to help me pose baby. I understand pee and poo happens. With everything being washable, it is not an issue at all when it happens.

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