Maternity Portraits

I offer custom maternity sessions that can be captured either in the studio or at an outdoor location. I also offer the use of any of my maternity gowns at no additional charge. Most sessions are captured between 32-36 weeks into your pregnancy. This is the beginning of your little one’s story, one that is unique. I understand the importance of this moment and I work to offer the best portraits I can give you for this special moment. 

Birth Portraits

Capturing births has to be the most intimate and special moment I am honored to capture. I have captured moments when Dad’s are deployed, when grandparents were on Skype and even when I was the only “family” that was in the room. I understand that that moment can never be replaced and I work closely with the entire family to make sure that your entire story is captured exactly as you want it to be. 

Newborn Portraits

Your little one will only be this small for today, as tomorrow he/she will be bigger and older. Let me help you capture this fleeting moment. I offer a large variety of props and outfits that can be used during your session. Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend and I work to make your newborn session as custom to you as you would like. Sessions are captured between 2-4 weeks but exceptions can be made. Lets work together soon. 

Breastfeeding Portraits

Breastfeeding portraits are so very special to me. After going viral with my portrait of the Army mother’s breastfeeding in uniform, I learned just how important these portraits are. Capturing this moment is more than just taking a portrait, it is capturing the special bond between you and your little one. Breastfeeding will not last forever, and at some point you will put this phase behind you. We can capture this special moment now even if we just capture this for you.

Children Portraits

Children portraits are so much fun for me. I love working with little ones, and capturing their personalities as they grow over the year. As an award winning photographer with the National Association of Professional Children Photographers, I understand the importance of these moments, and excel at capturing them. We can play dress up, go to the studio or go enjoy having fun outside. From cake smash to senior portraits, you can be assured that I can capture their special memories.

Family Portraits

I do not believe that this is anything more important than capturing your family memories for future generations. A family portrait marks your place in history, shows grandchildren their grandparents, and keeps family memories alive. There are so many options for family portraits, and I include everyone in the portraits, even if it means more than your immediate family members, to include your pets.  What family portrait do you want to hang on your wall? 

Individual Portraits

Do you need a new branding headshot? Or maybe you want to celebrate your birthday with a new glamour session. I can help you capture beautiful and amazing portraits in the studio or even on location if that works for you. I believe that sometimes we feel that portraits are only for children, or families and I’ve learned that this is not true. Sometimes a well captured portrait can remind you just how special you are. I can provide hair and makeup for an additional fee when needed. Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Military Portraits

My heart belongs to the military and the military community. The portraits of maternity, newborn and families are mostly military members and their own, so capturing moments throughout the military community only makes sense to me. I capture almost every military event I can attend, from homecomings to concerts on the installation and from retirements to military balls. If you or your unit needs a new and fresh take for your event, feel free to reach out to me for a quote. 

Concerts & Events

I love doing portrait work but there is something so much fun about capturing something different than the norm. Concerts and events lets me get out and mingle with crowds, go back stage and meet some incredible individuals. I am a country music fan at heart and it seems like the military and country music are best friends. I am available to cover any type of event you would need and my rates include both the event plus the digital images.