Being a small town, disabled veteran, small business owner can be challenging from the very beginning, and through my adventures I have been able to meet some amazing individuals that believed in me as a person and in the quality of the portraits that I can produce. These companies and individuals have become friends, and trusted colleagues. I feel proud to be able to represent their brands and I love my own personal tribe. I wanted to share with you both my personal sponsors, but also my favorite vendors.

My sponsors have worked with me above and beyond anything that I ever thought possible. Their support, their encouragement and their products have helped me increase the quality of work that I can produce for my clients. I believe in offering my clients a consistent finished product and I can only do that with the support of my amazing vendors. Their products and made with love and affection, which shows in the wonderful props and dresses that I can offer to my clients. Each vendor has been selected for their high quality of work, their strong business ethics and the fact that they believe in my visions. I urge you to click on the links below to learn more about these companies and you might even find a discount or a special deal in the process! 

17hats - Client Management

If you do not know about 17hats,  you need to!! 17hats helps me stay organized. It helps me communicate with my clients, and offers many options and customizations for contracts, invoices and so much more! Click on the photo before to not only learn more about this amazing company, but to learn how to save money on a full annual plan purchase! More money in your pocket equals more prop money. 

The Focus Tour - Online Education

Created by Melanie Anderson, this online community is where you can go to learn how to increase business, profit or just learn more creative techniques .. and then so much more. I have been honored to have taught in The Focus Tour’s program, and I am sure there will be other classes in the future for me. For a monthly fee you have access to so much learning, valuable lessons and all at a self paced option. Watch the classes whenever, or the day that we are live. It is completely up to you! Click on the logo to learn more!!

Tamron - Best Lenses

I approached Tamron after one of my hand-me-down lenses needed some TLC. This lens has such a story, you can read it in my blog post here, and I couldn’t just let it go. That conversation started what would be a powerful working relationship. More times that I can count, Tamron has made sure that I have the right glass on the end of my camera to make sure that I could get the best possible photos I could. There is only so far that my eye can take me and Tamron helps me complete my vision with lenses that are superb. I only have Tamron lenses in my bag at this point, and I only shoot with Tamron. If you are looking for a new lens company I strong urge you to go visit them and say hello! 

Off My Hooks

Off My Hooks is a vendor that produces the highest quality of felted custom items for newborn portrait sessions that I have found and our relationship has become a deep friendship. Between her imagination and mine we are an unstoppable force.  Many hours have been spent discussing ideas on new and upcoming items, what props she could make and how I could use them to make adorable portraits. I have so many favorite items and I’m sure that we will just add more to my ever growing collection. I believe that in order to show consistent quality in my portraits, I must have consistent quality in both the type and style of my props and Off My Hooks does just that!