Recently I was honored to be able to go and attend the Reset Conference in Louiseville, KY as both an instructor and a teacher. This conference was held at the Seelbach hotel which actually appears on the National Register of Historical Places. I have never been in a hotel like this one. It was gorgeous and old and vintage and beautiful. I miss it already!

During my stay I was able to teach a newborn shootout. Vendors such as Off My Hooks, Pitter-Pats Creations, Sew Trendy Accessories, Darling Desirae and Dapper and Belle helped by making sure I had all of the most adorable props. We invited 2 local military newborns from Fort Knox to come be our models. We had a great time learning now only how I do my workflow during a session but a few glimpse moments of how I can create the composite images you see from me, such a babies inside of coffee cups .

I had a free day the second day of the conference and I was able to attend the expo there, as well as some classes from other photographers. I helped Amy MacDaniel with her class as her assistant and took Nicole Everson’s class of family portraits. You can never know everything about this business and you can never stop increasing those areas that you feel you could use a bit more work. I learned so much from these ladies and I can’t wait to bring that back to the studio! I went to this conference to teach and ended up learning a great deal in return.

I met the most amazing women and we shared stories, laughter and even some tears. Owning your own business is a challenge, maintaining that business while juggling a family and friends makes it even more so. I can’t wait to attend again next year! I have been to many conferences in my career and I have to say that hands down this is the most grounding of them all. Egos were left at the door, everyone was on the same level and everyone was just there to network. It really felt like a very very big family reunion. And of course, no party or reunion is complete without a good party to end it all! Here’s a few images of the Great Gatsby Gala in the speakeasy of the hotel! (I’ve heard Al Capone was in the same room at one point or so in his lifetime).

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