Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“”This country has not seen and probably will never know the true level of sacrifice of our veterans”. As a civilian, I owe an unpayable debt to all our military. Going forward let’s not send our servicemen and women off to war or conflict zones unless it is overwhelmingly justifiable and on moral high ground.”

Thomas M Smith

Our US Military, in my opinion, are the backbone of our country. The fight, serve and defend our nation against more than the normal US citizen will ever care to know. Being a disabled veteran myself, I have never shied away from the fact that my heart is in serving our military, even if it’s only from behind the lens of my camera. When both a mom and a dad come into my studio and tell me they are both fighting, I find that a little piece of my heart pulls their way a bit stronger than other families. I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts of deployments, separations and just time away in general from their littles. But yet, they figure out ways to make it work. So because they are both working so hard, I push myself to make the best art I possibly can through my imagery so that they have the best that I can offer them in return for all that they are doing for me.

Today’s family was one just like that. They brought their uniform pieces and asked me to make some magic with them. With the help of my vendor friends at Intuition Backgrounds (or check out their FB Page) with her amazing and dark backdrops and floordrops. This fun outfit is by Lily Mily Boutique and is always a HUGE hit with my milfamilies. Finally, this stunning American couch was designed just for me and my amazing families by Gorecki Lukas Handcrafted photo props all the way over in Poland. It’s amazing how much can happen when friends work together to support these amazing families!! I mean, come on …. look at how cute he is!

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