Walking a tightrope

Staying busy has never been an issue for me. I can keep my mind working a thousand miles a minute with no issues, and my body usually has to catch up. Many of you probably think I just take really awesome newborn photos most of the time, but I promise you there is so much more to me than just newborn images, although they are the most adorable and fun of my images. When I’m not in my studio I’m typically volunteering or doing the business side of owning my own business. I volunteer a great deal, volunteering wherever and whenever I can, and it’s not only here in the great state of Georgia, I volunteer all over the United States. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals while giving back to the military community I love so much. It also gives me a chance to capture events, most of which are geared towards our military so I learn so much.

I’m also a military spouse, which is seriously a job in itself. My hubby is a senior leader and has a career that keeps him just as busy if not more than me. We deal with deployments, field cycles where he is occupied for weeks at a time, and many other busy and late night … and too many early mornings. With his extreme schedule the housework, cooking, laundry and the other normal home life tasks are mine to withhold. I take it all in stride, since I know he is out there keeping me safe, and by his service I get to do all the many things you see me doing. But this schedule can take a toll both on our relationship and the house in general.

By this point many of you have probably seen the movie, The Greatest Showman (which by the way is an INCREDIBLE movie). There is a song in the movie that has caught my attention, Tightrope. You can listen to that song here.

This song INSTANTLY described my life, my very busy life. While mostly I believe it is about my relationship at home, but it’s also about the relationship with anyone in my life, friends, family and even my clients. Balancing life and relationships while being a business owner can be a challenge, and is very much like walking a tightrope. I strive everyday to walk across the rope without falling off. The very beginning of this song talks about some people striving for a simple life … and I promise you that’s not me. I want to start really showing what my schedule is, because I think it’s time for some to know just how much I do during my days.

When I thought about putting this all together, I thought I knew just how much I had going on, but laying it out sometimes brings it all back into perspective. January brought 5 newborns into my studio, 1 senior session, 3 children sessions, 4 maternity sessions and numerous consultations. I also covered the Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie 2019 at Comfort Farm and attended the Professional Photographer of American National Annual Conference but covered it as a volunteer photographer at Imaging (https://www.facebook.com/events/2229067264032327/) in Atlanta. I also entered 50 images into the Shoot & Share competition (of which you can vote now by following this link). I even brought on a brand new assistant, Bri!  I also spent a solid week revamping and updating the entire studio space. A good solid year of prep wouldn’t be the same with a studio ready for the images we will be taking! It was also announced in January that I am officially a Tamron Ambassador, Bay Photo shared some of my Images at Imaging and I went up a level in my Sew Trendy account.

Personally I attended Family Readiness Group meetings with our military unit, made some amazing dinners and cooked more macarons than 1 person really ever needs to eat in one setting. I also own a tribe of chickens and we’ve expanded into the world of owning ducks, and introduced our first to baby ducklings to the group with the plans of maybe bringing on some rabbits from Comfort Farms.

Busy equals more practice. Every image I capture is me striving to take one better than the one before. Every event that I attend is one more event where I can network or learn more than I knew before. Every achievement is a great reason for my hubby and I to take some time off to celebrate. Life is fast, and it doesn’t slow down. The more you do the more you can find to do. But it’s worth it.

With that said, here’s a look back at January 2019. Busy… absolutely. But I don’t regret a second of it!


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